This team's blog is for everyone who sells by etsy and makes a good modern design, creates original, contemporary art works , or has aestethic original shop with high quality photos of vintage goodies, or supplies . Idea of created this blog and team is to make a place where the artists can get help, ask questions, support or promote each other, and place when people from all around the world can easy find good art and design....Follow us at: 

My name's Magdalena Orlik, I'm a captain of this group. I'm a jewelry designer that works in beautiful old city Cracow in Poland. As soon as I finished art school and started work in gallery with modern jewelry design I begun to make my own jewelry works . My work is full of colors and emotions. Even though I use contemporary non-jewelery materials like lace, silicone, colored paper I always mix them with parts of silver or natural stones (Collection: Aquarium Plants , romantic Vintage Lace, Amber National Geographic Sandwiches Pendants, inspired by Karl Blossfeldt jewelry, The Bulbs etc.) I'm still searching for new resources...I love power of colours the most , but I love monochromatic "sad", grey, smoky tones, simple, clear idea of any kind art works too. I'm still running between these two worlds....                                 

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